At the Edge Program, we help you embrace the Edge by leveraging digital transformation cloud-based containers for peer-to-peer learning. With your connected device, you will set out to convert your daily interactions into data through our LearningLog, integrative competence concepts, and Situated Learning support activities to reinvent yourself. Should you apply for the Edge Program? Yes, it’s challenging, but also very rewarding. Over the years, we’ve discovered many students stop out or drop out of college because they chose the wrong track. Students embracing the Edge share common characteristics – to make their shared dreams happen with Edge data. If this help describes your child, we hope you and he/she will consider the program:

  • Intellectually curious
  • Self-motivated
  • Strives for excellence
  • Actively involved
  • Open to multidisciplinary approach supported by integrative competence curricula
  • Wanting to develop as a scholar, entrepreneur, or top flight professional
  • Works well with others with empathy