Situated Learning

A team of hardworking professionals through the structure of a well-articulated purpose-driven non-profit has been dedicated to Situated Learning Orchestration since 2008 with profound global success.

What Is Situated Learning?

An enriched place that leaves individuals well situated. The enriched environment is the aggregate of biological, psychological, and sociocultural elements brought together to act on an individual or group to condition behavioral patterns.

The word immersion has become a common service description in the education and skills sectors, we take our obligation seriously with a Pledge to provide adequate support resulting in entrepreneurship, employment, NOT employability, and continuous learning.

Over the past 20 years through a critical examination of education systems, we came up with over 200 questions to treat the data we emersed. The result is 78 feature-rich technologies combined with people-centric services to ensure we painstakingly establish processes similar to where our students will apply the academic knowledge, work, and Skills4Industry (soft skills) acquired through our programs.

Skills4Industry Foundation was established to organize and manage Situated Learning using a whole system orchestration approach that aims to achieve the following:

  1. Ensure destinations after schooling at all levels of exit credentials are captured as part of communities expectations and business requirements to inform data treatment for pedagogical design and instructional delivery
  2. Systemize the learner destination data to achieve the lowest pattern recognition level based on concepts of human capabilities that is classified and mapped into a hirarchical structure (K to Ph.D. & CEO) of schooling and work
  3. Ensure from K to Ph.D. exit credentials are inextricably linked to academic knowledge, work tasks, and life skills so that changes in work capabilities based on new advances is easily captured and appropriately placed to improve learning
  4. Orchestrate the participation of industry, education, school systems, communities, families, students, and individuals in an unobtrusive manner by ensuring FREE services improves quality of life with something for everyone
  5. Provide each learner a microservices container with application stacks designed to improve learning through reinforcement at home, school, work, playgrounds, and performances that serve as the situated learning environment
  6. Ensure individuals know what they are good at doing throughout their life to guide their learning, work, and life decisions, thereby becoming active participants in tailoring learning to their exact needs
  7. Ensure the skills learned in one contextual environment can be taken to another, with the ability to understand what is important in their inventory of competencies based on the new contextual variables they will encounter daily
  8. Ensure individuals are able to work with machines collaboratively in automated processes with data enriching superior idea generation to improve their productivity
  9. Provide access to digital transformation educational resources that ensures a change in work tool, tasks, communication channels, and environment are captured real-time for pedagogical update in an orchestrated manner
  10. Ensure equity in instructional delivery using digital transformation technology to reduce bandwidth requirements for access to curricula, learning support, and materials through an orchestrator gateway to achieve agile instructional delivery system
  11. Ensure instructional professionals have the digital transformation technology competencies to deliver robust online learning to individuals globally

These are the top-level purposes, goals, and drivers of the Skills4Industry education system.


Situated learning orchestration offered through the Edge Program serves as an opportunity to engage with our students/learners in an environment far removed from the core educational milieu to ensure greater freedom to express themselves with a team dedicated to doing just that

Using the air of what is coming through social activities we connect students to material resources, faculty, mentors, and industry experts to demonstrate why they are a fit

A platform to observe and catch early warning signs to help tailor learning to students specific needs

A containerized student learning reinforcement technology for a whole family ensures parental involvement that results in transparency in communication

It is about reassuring ourselves that the educational services we provide are easy to navigate from the student’s perspective and to make quick changes to improve services delivery

It is a way for students to get both acclimatized with our culture and connect to other students

An opportunity for learning customization to each student’s educational needs through continuous data analytics